Well, it's been a while since I uploaded my *ahem* monthly puzzle page for children. Finally, here is the latest one. Feel free to print, photocopy and distribute. 



11/02/2016 6:51am

I love the puzzles and that's why I comes often to your posts. Normally I find puzzles in news papers and magazines. I take them as testing my brains abilities.

01/08/2017 4:31am

Great birthday themes. I am excited to consider them as my daughter is turning six in a few weeks. It would be great to entertain the children, especially Dolly's classmates. I understand that kids have short attention span and you really have to offer something new if you are educating them. I should know because I teach gradeschoolers and it is quite a challenge for us teachers.

02/28/2017 10:03pm

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11/03/2016 9:41am

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03/01/2017 8:49pm

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12/07/2016 12:34am

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03/02/2017 8:27pm

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