If Barbie wasn't elegant enough already, here's a free pattern to help further accessorise her stylish wardrobe.  

Hand-sew felt hats to go with any Barbie outfit. 

My pattern is completely free. Download here: BARBIE FELT HAT PATTERN

Upload your Barbie hat photo to social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter).
Use #feltypipsqueaks and #sallydixoncreations to tag your photo. I will feature my favourite pics on my blog, website or social media. Can’t wait to see your creations. 
There are tiny flowers appearing in my garden. You have to be quick to spot them - these springtime lovelies are rather shy. And very sweet. 
These snowdrop, violet, primrose, buttercup and forget-me-not peg dolls have been designed by the very talented Margaret Bloom. Her book, Making Peg Dolls, is one of my favourite craft books. In fact, this book inspired me to consider creating my own craft book. I borrowed Making Peg Dolls countless times from the library. Now I have my own copy, signed by the author herself. 
Margaret's book bursts with cuteness. The chapters are divided into seasons: Spring, Summer, Winter, and Autumn (Fall). The projects are easy to follow, beautifully photographed, and illustrated with delightful step-by-step instructive images.   I've open the booked, flicked through the exquisite pages and admired her creativity over and over again. Both children and adults will find the peg doll projects inspiring. 
I've been itching to put down my own pipsqueak threads and needles for sometime now, so I could try something different. Margaret Bloom's dainty peg dolls were the perfect variation in my crafting routine.  It was difficult to choose which project I wanted to begin with - Esther and her Purim counterparts, tiny peg bumblebees, or perhaps Christmas angels? In the end, I decided upon the Spring Flower peg dolls. It seemed appropriate, as it is Springtime in Australia, and flowers are blossoming in my garden. 
I used watercolour pencils for the peg doll bodies (the closest thing I owned to green paint), and I'm quite pleased with the results. I did have black and red acrylic paint, and dabbed eyes and mouths with the end of a tiny paintbrush. A few embroidery stitches on felt, and a dash of glue, and the peg dolls were complete. Monday afternoon was an afternoon well spent. 
Margaret Bloom has been busy, and has published a second peg doll book. It looks just as delightful. I think it might be time to order a new craft book for my collection. 

Come and visit her websites:

We Bloom Here Blog

We Bloom Here Facebook 

Making Peg Dolls & More Facebook
I'm launching a new range of digital patterns. They are available in my Etsy shop.

'Rabbit-with-a-Carrot' is my first pattern. Just in time for Easter. 

More patterns will follow soon. 

The 'Elephant Love' pattern is found in my 'Pipsqueaks' book. This little nest is a cosy accessory for felt elephants (or other pipsqueaked sized creatures).
  • Felt Colour 1 – 24cm x 14cm (10’’ x 6’’)
  • Felt Colour 2 –  2cm x 2cm (1’’ x 1’’)
  • 6-stranded thread to match 
  • Nest Pattern PDF

  • Embroidery scissors (to cut out heart felt pattern pieces)
  • Sewing scissors (to cut out nest side and base pattern pieces)
  • Needle & pins


  • Cut out Nest Side (x1) with Felt Colour 1.
  • Cut out Nest Base (x2) with Felt Colour 1.
  • Cut out Nest Hear (x1) with Felt Colour 2.

  • Using an appliqué stitch, sew heart to the middle of the lower half of Nest Side (as pictured). 
  • Use 1 strand of thread. 
  • Knot off.

  • Fold Nest Side in half, lengthways. 
  • Pin edges A of Nest Side together, making sure the heart is on the inner circle side. 
  • Use 2 strands of thread. 
  • Blanket stitch edges A together. Knot off.

  • Pin Nest Side to both Nest Bases (keep bases perfectly together).
  • Blanket stitch Nest to both Nest Bases. 
  • Knot off.


  • Turn inside out.

Pattern PDF