Inside a nest, beneath a tree,

Hatch yellow babies: one - two - and - three. 

With tiny wings and orange beaks,

The newborn babes cry, "Pip! and Squeak!"

Babe number one, with voice down low,

Asks, "What are we? I do not know!"

Babe number two, with trembling wings,

Says, "I don't know a single thing!"
Babe number three says, with a pout,

(And teary eyes), "We must find out!"

The yellow babes climb from their nest;

With eagerness they start their quest.

They spy a mouse with picnic tea,

"Mister Mouse?" they ask, "What are we?"

The small, gray mouse in crimson coat,

Stares at the babes and clears his throat.
"Tiny critters! That's what you are - 

Who should be with their Pa and Ma."

Quite bewildered, the babies moan,

"Where are our folks? We're all alone!"

They shake their wings; they wail and shriek,

Then they holler, "Pip! Pip! and Squeak!"

"Hush!" says the mouse, "No need to shout,

I can assist; I have no doubt."

He dries their tears, says, "Don't despair,"

And gives them each a teddy bear.

"Hug your teddies and eat a snack,

I'll find your folks and bring them back."
The helpful mouse does not take long,

To find out where their folks have gone:

Their Pa and Ma went out to get,

A dainty dog - a tiny pet. 

They thought their babies, one - two - three,

Might like some doggy company. 

They didn't think the eggs would crack,

Before they managed to get back. 
The mouse, the folks (and doggy too),

Run 'til the babes come into view.

Their Pa and Ma kiss their cheeks,

And sweetly peck their orange beaks.
"Our folks!" the yellow babies cheep,

Then snuggling close they say, "Pip! Squeak!"

As they're about to close their eyes,

There's something that they realize: 

The yellow babies, one - two - and - three,

Still don't know their identity.

"Can you please tell us, Pa and Ma,

What critters we exactly are?"  
The parents hug their babies three,

"We are a chicken family.

You are our chicks (who we adore),

But you need to know one thing more..."
"Our family is very blessed,

'Cause many friends live near our nest:

There are elephants you will meet.

And platypuses with webbed feet."

"Shy koalas who like to sleep,

Bunnies, cats, and birds who cheep. 

Each one of us is quite unique:

We're all tiny, we are pipsqueak."

The yellow chickens, one - two - and - three,

Are pleased with their identity.

As their folks kiss each orange beak,

They softly chirp, "Pip! Pip! and Squeak!"

© Poem and images copyrighted to Sally Dixon Creations 2015.

by Sally Dixon